JOUXTE | Design Co.

Interior & Exterior Design for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Jouxte Design Co. is an Interior Design Company located on the Northern Bruce Peninsula, focused on environmentally conscious and inclusive design practices that celebrate life and nature. 

Whether simply looking for a design consultant, a keen eye for sourcing materials and finishes, or in need of conceptual design services, Jouxte Design Co. will work collaboratively with you to help create your dream space.

Jouxte Design Co. was founded by Siobhan Shred in 2020. She began her design career in London, Ontario after graduating with an Honors Bachelor degree in Interior Design. Much like the English concept of juxtaposition, the inspiration for the company’s name derives from the French word Jouxte, which translated is the conjugated form of the verb to adjoin, which indicates that the subject is besides, close to, or near something.

Siobhan’s values for her design practice include sustainability, inclusivity, and the connection between the built environment and nature. She uses these principles to help actualize her client’s design goals.

Whether you are remodelling a single space, laying out your dream home, looking for conceptual imagery, or are a contractor looking for design insight, Jouxte Design Co. can tailor the right service package for you, including interior space planning, furniture, fixture, finish and colour selections, design for accessibility, 3D visualization, conceptualization and much more.

“At Jouxte Design Co. we create designs that are timeless, and explore concepts that are not simply beautiful but ones which function and flow. We want your spaces to bring you a heightened sense of place and tell your story.”