Loewen Wildcraft

Wildcrafted, Handmade
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Pop-Up Shop at 66 Main Street

Thursday, April 14, 6pm

Spring Merchant Tour & Events


Founded by Sheila Goertz (nee Loewen), Loewen Wildcraft offers watercolour artwork and handcrafted jewelry for the conservation-minded and adventurous wilderness enthusiast.

Original paintings, prints and greeting cards portray detailed wildlife portraits and native landscapes, while her jewelry focuses largely on minimalist styles that highlight naturally beautiful textures and colours of wild and wilderness-touched materials like birch bark, sea glass and quills. Providing an ethical product of fine quality will always be forefront at Loewen Wildcraft, with low- and zero-waste packaging, conscientiously sourced and sustainably foraged natural materials, and conservation-focused messaging.

Sheila’s passion for the wilderness drives her work, seeking to raise awareness of the gifts of the natural world and our place in its stewardship. Each piece is a reminder of our connection to Creation and its positive impacts on our mental and physical wellbeing, inspiring a celebration of the beauty in our natural spaces.

Whether you’re browsing for yourself, or in search of an impactful gift, Loewen Wildcraft has something to suit anyone who admires nature’s wild beauty.

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