Did you know the Bruce Peninsula is home to over 450 businesses? Most of these businesses are locally owned and operated, and they need our support during COVID-19 restrictions. 

We built looklocally.ca Lion’s Head to promote and support artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners by creating a local online directory.  

The trend to shop at big box online stores hurt’s the Bruce Penninsula’s local businesses by sending money out of our economy.  Let’s support a healthier local economy by focusing our spending within the Bruce Penninsula’s community. 

As LookLocally.ca grows, it will adapt to meet the community’s needs as an online marketplace, listings, as well as articles featuring local businesses and their products and services.

About Rural Brand guru

is home to over 450 businesses? Most of these businesses are locally owned and operated, and they need our support OOperated by Charlotte Chinn, a local niche marketing entrepreneur and an active community volunteer.  She loves connecting people with the products and services they need and enjoys helping businesses resonate with their target audiences. Charlotte’s proud to be raising her family within the active and friendly Lion’s Head community. 

For Shoppers

LookLocally.ca is easily accessible from both computers and smartphones.

When you’re researching online for the specific products and services you want, LookLocally.ca is the perfect place to find what you need. 

There are also helpful links to businesses’ websites and social media profiles.

For Businesses 

Even with limited marketing budgets, local independent business owners can now present and promote their products and services online using our local marketing platform. 

We offer free and enhanced listings for businesses, tradespeople, crafters, independent consultants, local programs, and community organizations. Our paid services include writing support and keyword optimization for your business listing and feature articles. 

LookLocally.ca optimizes participating businesses’ content, so it will be found when people are searching locally and makes it easy for shoppers to find you online.

Help us build up the Bruce Peninsula’s online community and support local by:

  1. Use Looklocally.ca as often as possible to learn what products and services are available locally.
  2. Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/looklocallyBrucePeninsula
  3. Make informed purchases and consider the total impact of your spending, not just the price you pay. 
  4. Encourage local business owners to keep going by posting reviews on their profile pages.
  5. Frequent locally-owned restaurants and shops instead of the national chains.
  6. Shop locally first

Join us on our journey as we explore artists, entrepreneurs and businesses on the Bruce. 

Let’s build something together!